Walk into the ‘Meenakshi Temple’ created for Arjun, and you will find it replete with gopuram, the sacred tank, the sanctum sanctorum. The mammoth film set created for the Telugu movie Arjun at Gandipet is the handiwork of well-known art director Thota Tharrani.  “It is almost the same size as the temple just about 25 feet less to make it suitable for the film. It measures approximately 350 feet by 200 feet.” says Thota Tharrani”  The Hindu 16 October 2003

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It took Thota Tharrani (the only art director awarded with Padma Shri) about a fortnight to work on drawing plan. “I was not given permission to photograph but I made several sketches” The art maestro crafted this set. a labor of love, after considerable research. “It is by the grace of God that I could do it” Say Tharrani – The Hindu 16 Oct 2003

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