Mumbai-based underworld Don, the slums of Dharavi were created in Venus Studios in the heart of Chennai, The splendor and detailing within his sets in ‘Nayagan’ and ‘Indian’ were indeed a visual indulgence in itself. He received two national awards for his contribution to this movie starring Kamal Haasan.

“Nothing was shot in original Dharavi in Bombay, except for stock shots. For seven days I’d walk around the studio like a madcap, then I took some photographs and put them in my room and watched them. In Dharavi where I spent two days, I made some sketches by these photographs. I tried to decide which temple or what house I should put where. Then, we started erecting the sets; they were done in 20 days.” 

Drawing Board to Silver Screen

“This was not an art movie, this was not a commercial movie, it was a nice classy movie to work for…. The interior of Nayagan’s  house was made in an old building – on Club House Road, which has now been demolished. I turned the courtyard into the nautch-girl’s area” Thota Tharrani Express Weekend

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