The Rajasthan series

Very few people can transmute adroitly from one period to another, while retaining the same sense of integrity, passion and ingenuity, qualities that are innate in their work as well as their personality.  “I would call it more Bikaner series. My drawings and sketches in ink have been serigraphed and I have divided them into 19 editions, each edition containing 39 prints. They come as a set in a box.” Thota Tharrani in an interview with Praveen Sharma

More from this series

“The Plurality of Thota Tharrani’s artistic journey is beautifully reflected in his spacious office-studio at Mylapore. As the eye moves from the huge mural featuring his signature peacock and well-contoured village belle to the majestic Ganesha sculpture in wood and the row of vibrant abstracts, what strikes you is the sweep of his style and his control over colour.”

Art and Soul
The Hindu, August 2009

Other works

“Tharrani’s Rajasthan series captures the earthy desert tones that mingle enthusiastically with the brilliant hues of the traditional clothing to achieve vivid compositions. In these paintings, his signature motif of the peacock in rich purples and violets adds character. The element of design occupies paramount position with his subjects complying to suit the scale of things. The strength of Thota Tharrani’s prolific output lies not merely in his intrepid use of colour and brushstrokes but also in his innate sense of design.”

The Hindu, March 2003

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