Water Colours

“I talk to my brushes and pencils – I caress the paper I am about to work on” says Thota Tharrani.

“An artist is free. I don’t want to be trapped by one subject or a single style. The best thing is to do what you want to do, when you want to do”.  

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“The past has a certain appeal to me. Yesteryear images of the city – old buildings, hand-drawn rickshaws, tree-lined roads and slow-paced life – have left an indelible impression on my mind.”

“Thota Tharrani on T. Nagar, Watercolor”
“Six Artists”
The Hindu, November 2009

Other works

“The water colour chalks I used for this sketch belonged to my father. They must be more than 150 years old”, says Thota Tharrani, standing thoughtfully before one of his works. His subject is very old too, some say as old as time itself.

“Thota Tharrani on Sarvasva Danam”,
The Hindu, September 2010

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